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Agregator - Painting the Chaos dalszöveg

Awaken like a distant concept 
So pure and weak inside 
Alone in the rolling cradle 
Just learning the Art 

Lifelines on the waxing canvas 
Paintdrowned innocence 
Stains on once-noble answers 
(Are) weakening, weakening 

Oh, look and see as the madness is 
Overhelming, the dying 
Saints and the lurking nightmares 
On the fresco’s darkest scenes 

Could ever the canvas be filled 
Or just the paint would run out 
As tears dilute the portrait 
Tears dilute the portrait 

Oh, look and see that as the strength diminishes 
And blood colored are all the shapes 
The shades are beyond all that human – so strange 
The final touch discolour the paint 

Dying like forgotten concepts 
So cold and weak inside 
Alone in the rotting cradle 
With a picture, with a picture done
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