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Agregator - Stampede dalszöveg

See the void is getting stronger
Slightly touching as it hides
Lurking in the purest daydream’s shadows
Waiting to arise
And the self grows empty and tired
Slowly the blindfold takes its place
And then we’ll cannot bear the sunlight
‘Cos Evil in its blaze!
But some stars are always shining
Hard to follow – could not be reached
Choose that One which is in you too
Bathe in its gleam
And if you find your own fire
You are to enlighten not to burn
Try to wipe out all the shadows
Heal the newborn seeds
Ahead with the cleansing fire
Ahead full bloody ahead
Feel the full force of stampede's power
Too late to abandon its guidance
Beware the burned-out Ones
If they try to extuingish the fire
Just give them hell
And remain free
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