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Agregator - Without Colours dalszöveg

Behold the lack of comprehension 
And the laughter of the lamb 
Their tales about the frankness 
Like honey on a fence 

The lust for a complete life 
Is strong and never dies 
Just taste your inner fire 
And let your daemons rise 

These dreams are neverending 
Yet the dawn is still too cold 

Colourful illusions 
Like crosses on the back 
In the daylight they can’t protect me 
Valued prize just ain’t worth to get 

The visions of a grey world 
I have to realize 
My daemons want to trick me 
Whispering lethal little lies 

But now I know the way I have to walk 
Without blood I’m without colours 
That little pain, oh so vain 
So little price to be accepted again 

Sometimes I feel I’m getting old 
My long gone daemons taken my soul 
A portrait so lifeless, a frame so gray 
Renouncement is my chosen faith 

The dawn has lost its colours 
The rainbow is so grey 
The one who still could paint them 
You are - so you have to dream
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