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Beneath The Massacre - Black Tide dalszöveg

I can see you're scared
And I can see your hands shaking like leaves
"Blessed are the peacemakers, the children of God"
And we all witness the massacres in its name
The genocides it creates
And we all witness and we all partake
I can see you coward
Just like a man scared of dark
Engaging war in the name of the most high
Just like a lamb misguided towards the holy light
Keep apprehending the end and the end will surely come
A self-fulfilled prophecy
The story of a celebration of ignorance
And old traditions helped us deny the obvious
This madness is ruining us all
In its name, in our name
A celebration of ignorance
A reenactment of a scene we've celebrated
And now, we don't care, never did, the black tide will soon hit the coast
You think this story started hard, wait this story's ending bad
A nation, a prophet, a new enemy
He claims God hears the words from his lips
And will show us the way to Salvation
You drink his words
Blood of Christ
Now condemned to live this self-fulfilled prophecy
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