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Demonlord - Darkest place dalszöveg

Look through the darkest skies
The Evil's getting stronger
I know the reason why
It's deeper from time to time

And now,
I put never trust in you
I put never trust in me
It's always deep inside
The demon in my mind
Is growing in this game
No one called him, but he came
Takes control of my life... I will find...

I'm out of space and time
Confuting bad religions
Evil and good collide
To my soul, the access denied

And now,
I put never trust in God
I put never trust in Hell
It's always deep inside
Corroding in my mind
Battered in my soul
He's the deepest hole
Takes control of my life... I will find...

Fear! Fear from inside
Never lets me hide
'cause I am the darkest part of the life
Rage! Rage from my vein
Never lets me reign
I won't be able to control my own Fear...
(my soul is the darkest place in the life)

I never had any chance
To reclaim my own decisions
My power always declines
I forgot good illusions
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