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Demonlord - Something arrived dalszöveg

How many days passed by
How many suns have died
And what can you show
To your daughters and sons?

Who was the one
Who broke all metal chains?
Where were you, where did you hide?

Now see me stand alone
On the hill over mankind an over the gods
Tell a reason, show a power that controls you

You have to find a way to conquer
The real you
Don't waste no more time
The answer's in you

Call for the warrior and find him sleeping
In your dreams
There's nothing but you
So conquer the real you
Don't waste an other day
Let the animal free as hungry as it can be
Show a prey
And then breath in the air
Taste the sweet smell
Something arrived
Glory and Pride

Look what you turned into
Weakness is drowning you
I bring the cure to your life, I'm the one
Silence is broken when I am around
Smashing the night with my sound

Now see me stand alone...

How many days passed by
How many suns have died
And what can you show to your
Daughters and sons?

I am the one who breaks
All metal chains
I am there, no need to hide
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