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Disco Express - Without you dalszöveg

Without You

I’ve been late for a kiss
You haven’t kiss me goodbye
U gave only one reason
I was fallin’ apart
And I had no clue
That your kiss is a drug
I saw only your face
Oh And nothin’ else around
You smile like an angel 
But the devil’s inside
You were acting the saviour 
You stole my peace of mind
And you promised those dreams
Oh That I can’t live without
Open the windows
Feel the heat of the sun
Can’t you see my tumbling down
Without You
I hear your whisper in the air
Without You
Look for a reason everywhere 
Without You
I’m goin’ insane by the end
If I try to live withou you
Your love is like velvet
But it made me your slave
Being a marionette
Feels like Adam in chains
The signal is too weak
Or too far’s the satellite
Your breath is a windblow
Blew me out to the sea
Made me silence in harmony
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