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Funeral - Let Us Die Alone dalszöveg

Holocaust, freedom lost 
The price we pay, for living our way 
Obey the norm, conform or be gone 

Please just let us die alone 
We are soon going home 
We are not fit to live among you 
Prejudice makes itself true 
A self fulfilling prophecy 
When your point of view became ideology 
We are no longer of utility 
In our new order for society 
Only those who comply shall pass 
Into your new utopias black mass 

Please supply us with the means to die 
We are unworthy to exist by your side 
Since we became to ill for slavery 
Only a burden to society 

The morning bell, another day in hell 
A master-plan, to those who understand 
So many in pain, still their hands remain clean 

We are sorry for opposing you 
But our last virtue is the truth 
You are the servants of the ruling class 
Safe when bowing to their lies 
Infected with sympathy 
We pose a threat to your reality 
We are no longer welcome in your lives 
So please provide us with the means to die 
We are the symptoms of dystopia 
Our extinction shall bring forth your paradise
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