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Funeral - Those Fated to Fall dalszöveg

A leper seated on the corner of a street in the new world 
Crying sorely, as he was destined for so much more 
Nobody helps him, they are busy reaching for the sun 
No more love or care, the leper is the last one 

He was the strongest, he was determined to help the weak 
He caught what he fought, the hatred of a world gone sick 
Condemned for an imperfect world, the path to hell in sight 
The bringer of light was blamed for the darkness of the night 

To count towards infinity within borders of finitude 
A lesser perfection, to obey is to break the rules 
Through quantum steps the path to hell is eternally trod 

It is time to break the seal of empathy 
What was true has become a lie 
Gravity will set you free 
Unleash upon the world your true misery 

Invite them to your labyrinth 
Make them pay for their sins 
Dare them step through the door 
Into the lair of the minotaur 

The cornerstone of their playground will soon be gone 
Their punishment is to become what they have done
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