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Moonblood - Then Came the Silence dalszöveg

The enemy has failed
And the sun was swallowed by a total eclipse
Their iron weapons still forgotten on the battleground
Our forces were too strong and our war cry frightening
We killed their best warriors during the first attack
Lightning and thunder were on our side
And the rain forced them to defense
We did summon the winds
And the storm they've created
Took the defenders high into the air
Dead bodies came bleeding back on the soil
Conspired of the forces of maliciousness
Our greedy blades and thirsty axes
Did wait for the sign to attack
The horses stamped evil with their hoofs
Fire streamed out of their nostrils
Fire was their diabolical breath
The monks of the dark brotherhood did summon the forbidden forces
Our enemies fought proud, but they couldn't win
Our dark brotherhood was chosen to beat
The Christian bastards
The last final battle was the decision who will rule the eternity
We did run against the enemies' defense lines
And lightning and thunder fought on our side
Powerful we've beaten on the defending Christians
Warrior and warrior did fall in our rush of blood
The burning arrows set their camp on fire
And the ground was wet from blood
Then came our horsemen
Upon black horses, who spit fire
They killed the last remaining fighter
Slaughtered Christians, dead like their lord
And we watched our work, a picture of horror
... Then came silence...
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