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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood sugar sex magic dalszöveg

Blood sugar suckerfish

In my dish

How many pieces

Do you wish

Step into a heaven

Where I keep it on the soul side

Girl please me

Be my soul bride

Every woman

Has a piece of Aphrodite

Copulate to create

A state of sexual light

Kissing her virginity

My affinity

I mingle with the gods

I mingle with divinity

Blood sugar baby

She's magik

Sex magik sex magik

Glorious euphoria

Is my must

Erotic shock

Is a function of lust

Temporarily blind

Dimensions to discover

In time

Each into the other

Uncontrollable notes

From her Snow White throat

Fill a space

In which two bodies float

Operatic by voice

A fanatic by choice

Aromatic is the flower

She must be moist

Blood sugar baby

She's magik

Sex magik sex magik
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