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Red Hot Chili Peppers - If you have to ask dalszöveg

A wanna be gangster

Thinkin' he's a wise guy

Rob another bank

He's a sock 'em in the eye guy

Tank head

Mr. Bonnie and Clyde guy

Look him in the eye

He's not my kinda guy

Never be

Confusion proof

Pudding's sweet

But too aloof

Orange eye girl

With a backslide dew said

Yo homie

Who you talkin' to

A backed up paddywagon

Mackin' on a cat's ass

One upper cut

To the cold upper middle class

Born to storm

On boredom's face

And a little lust

To the funky ass Flea bass

Most in the race

Just lose their grace

The blackest hole

In all of space

Crooked as a hooker

Now suck my thumb

Anybody wanna come get some


If you have to ask

You'll never know

Funky motherfuckers

Will not be told to go

Don't ask me why

I'm flyin' so high

Mr. Bubble meets Superfly

In my third eye

Searchin' for a soul bride

She's my freakette

Soak it up inside

Deeper than a secret

Much more

Than meets the eye

To the funk

I fall into my new ride

My hand my hand

Magic on the one

Is a medicine man

Thinkin' of a few

Taboos that I ought to kill

Dancin' on their face

Like a stage on vaudeville

I feel so good

Can't be understood

Booty of a hoodlum

Rockin' my red hood

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