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Bryan Adams (1980)
 1.Hidin` from Love 
2.Win Some, Lose Some 
3.Wait and See 
4.Give Me Your Love 
5.Wastin` Time 
6.Don`t Ya Say It 
8.State of Mind 
9.Try to See It My Way 
You Want It You Got It (1981)
 1.Lonely Nights 
2.One Good Reason 
3.Don`t Look Now 
4.Coming Home 
5.Fits Ya Good 
8.You Want It, You Got It 
9.Last Chance 
10.No One Makes It Right 
Cuts Like a Knife (1983)
 1.The Only One 
2.Take Me Back 
3.This Time 
4.Straight from the Heart 
5.Cuts Like a Knife 
6.I`m Ready 
7.What`s It Gonna Be 
8.Don`t Leave Me Lonely 
9.Let Him Know 
10.The Best Was Yet to Come 
Reckless (1984)
 1.One Night Love Affair 
2.She`s Only Happy When She`s Dancin 
3.Run to You 
6.Summer of `69 
7.Kids Wanna Rock 
8.It`s Only Love (Feat. Tina Turner) 
9.Long Gone 
10.Ain`t Gonna Cry 
Into the Fire (1987)
 1.Heat of the Night 
2.Into the Fire 
3.Victim of Love 
4.Another Day 
5.Native Son 
6.Only the Strong Survive 
8.Remembrance Day 
9.Hearts on Fire 
10.Home Again 
Waking Up the Neighbours (1991)
 1.Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya? 
2.Hey Honey - I`m Packin` You In! 
3.Can`t Stop This Thing We Started 
4.Thought I`d Died and Gone to Heaven 
5.Not Guilty 
7.House Arrest 
8.Do I Have to Say the Words? 
9.There Will Never Be Another Tonight 
10.All I Want Is You 
11.Depend on Me 
12.(Everything I Do) I Do It for You 
13.If You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too?) 
14.Touch the Hand 
15.Don`t Drop That Bomb on Me 
18 til I Die (1996)
 1.The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You 
2.Do to You 
3.Let`s Make a Night to Remember 
4.18 til I Die 
6.(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear 
7.We`re Gonna Win 
8.I Think About You 
9.I`ll Always Be Right There 
10.It Ain`t a Party If You Can`t Come `Round 
11.Black Pearl 
12.You`re Still Beautiful to Me 
13.Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? 
14.Hey Elvis [Japanese Bonus Track] 
On a Day Like Today (1998)
 1.How Do Ya Feel Tonight 
2.C`mon C`mon C`mon 
4.On a Day Like Today 
6.I`m a Liar 
7.Cloud Number Nine 
8.When You`re Gone 
9.Inside Out 
10.If I Had You 
11.Before the Night Is Over 
12.I Don`t Wanna Live Forever 
13.Where Angels Fear to Tread 
14.Lie to Me (South America, Australia Bonus track) 
Room Service (2004)
 1.East Side Story 
2.This Side of Paradise 
3.Not Romeo Not Juliet 
5.She`s a Little Too Good for Me 
6.Open Road 
7.Room Service 
8.I Was Only Dreamin 
9.Right Back Where I Started From 
10.Nowhere Fast 
11.Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to Love 
12.Blessing in Disguise (UK/Japan Bonus Track and B-side of single) 
11 (2008)
 1.Tonight We Have the Stars 
2.I Thought I`d Seen Everything 
3.I Ain`t Losin` the Fight 
5.We Found What We Were Looking For 
6.Broken Wings 
7.Somethin` to Believe In 
8.Mysterious Ways 
9.She`s Got a Way 
10.Flower Grown Wild 
11.Walk On By 
12.The Way of the World (Originally a UK/Japan Bonus Track/B-side of lead single) 
14.Miss America (Originally an iTunes Bonus Track/B-side of lead single) 
15.She`s Got a Way (Chicane Remix) 

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2010.04.29. 21:49:18
Na jah, az egyetlen akit soha nem tudok megunni. Forever BRYAN ADAMS!!!
Tűz Farkas
Tűz Farkas
2010.04.29. 16:23:31
Régóta ismerem ezt a zenekart és imádom! Az énekes Bryan hangja király

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