Desaster vocals : Sataniac
guitars : Infernal
bass : Odin
drums : Tormentor
ex-vocals : Okkulto
ex-bass/vocals : Creator Cassie
ex-drums : Thorim
ex-drums : Luggi
ex-drums : Alexander Arz

Albumok :

The Fog Of Avalon(Demo) (1993)
Desaster - The Fog Of Avalon(Demo)1.Intro:Twilight 
2.The Final Desaster 
3.And The Powers Above 
4.Face Of Darkness 
5.Into a Magical Night 
6.Northern Breeze 
8.Outro: Dawn 
9.Countess Bathory (Live) - (Venom Cover 
Lost In The Ages(Demo) (1994)
Desaster - Lost In The Ages(Demo)1.Hymn To Forgotten Lands 
2.In a Winter Battle 
3.Tears Of An Old Wizard 
4.Lost In The Ages 
5.As The Deadworld Calls 
6.Leaving The Hall Of Kings 
Ungod/Desaster(Split With Ungod) (1995)
Desaster - Ungod/Desaster(Split With Ungod)1.Ungod - Aeon of Sunless Dominion 
2.Ungod - Outro 
3.Desaster - The Hill Of The Lost Souls 
A Touch Of Medieval Darkness (1996)
Desaster - A Touch Of Medieval Darkness1.Skyline In Flames (Intro) 
2.In a Winter Battle 
3.A Touch Of Medieval Darkness 
4.Fields Of Triumph 
5.Devil`s Sword 
6.Into a Magical Night 
7.Crypts Of Dracul 
8.Visions In The Autumn Shades 
9.Porter Of Hellgate 
10.Home For The Brave (Outro) 
Stormbringer(EP) (1997)
Desaster - Stormbringer(EP)1.Stormbringer 
2.The Swords Will Never Sink 
4.Face Of Darkness 
5.Tormentor (Kreator cover) 
6.Emerging Castleland 
Ride On For Revenge(Single) (1998)
Desaster - Ride On For Revenge(Single)1.Ride On For Revenge 
2.Burning Crosses 
Hellfire's Dominion (1998)
Desaster - Hellfire1.Intro 
2.In The Ban Of Satan`s Sorcery 
3.Expect No Release 
4.Teutonic Steel 
5.Metalized Blood 
6.Thou Shalt Be King 
7.Hellfire`s Dominion 
10.Across The Bloodfields 
Ten Years Of Total Desaster (1999)
Desaster - Ten Years Of Total Desaster1.Intro (Decade of Desaster 
2.The Witches Rune 
4.Vengeance Knows No Bound 
5.Medi-Evil Rites 
6.Metalized Blood 
7.Past... Present... Forever... 
8.Ride On For Revenge 
10.Devil`s Sword 
11.The Hill Of a Thousand Souls 
12.Tears Of An Old Wizard 
13.As The Deadworld Calls 
14.The Final Desaster 
16.Porter Of Hellgate 
17.Scream For Mercy 
18.Evil Arschloch 
Desaster In League With Pentacle (2000)
Desaster - Desaster In League With Pentacle1.Desaster - A Serpent In Bloodred (Pentacle cover) 
3.Pentacle - In a Winter Battle (Desaster cover) 
4.Soul`s Blood 
Tyrants Of The Netherworld (2000)
Desaster - Tyrants Of The Netherworld1.Intro 
2.Nekropolis Karthago 
3.Victim Of My Force 
5.Sworn To Avenge 
6.Tyrants Of The Netherworld 
7.Call On The Beast 
8.Battle Oath 
9.Disciples Of Darkness 
10.Reign Of Tyrants 
Souls Of Infernity(Single) (2001)
Desaster - Souls Of Infernity(Single)1.Souls Of Infernity 
2.Cross Me Fool (Razor cover) 
3.Sataniac (live) 
4.Show Them How (live) 
Divine Blasphemies (2002)
Desaster - Divine Blasphemies1.Intro 
2.Divine Blasphemies 
3.Symphony Of Vengeance 
4.Beasts Of Wrath And Victory 
5....Of Impurity 
6.Alliance To The Powerthrone 
9.Spare No Coward 
10.Chants Of Grief (Outro) 
Live In Serbian Hell(Live) (2003)
Desaster - Live In Serbian Hell(Live)1.Unholy Intro 
2.Nekropolis Karthago 
3.Devil`s Sword 
7.Teutonic Steel 
8.Symphony Of Vengeance 
9.Show Them How 
10.Black Magic (Slayer cover) 
11.Metalized Blood 
12.Tormentor (Kreator cover) 
Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies (2004)
Desaster - Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies1.Skyline In Flames (Intro 
2.In a Winter Battle 
3.The Swords Will Never Sink 
4.Symphony Of Vengeance 
6.Devil`s Sword 
7.Tyrants Of The Netherworld 
9.Ghouls To Strike 
10.Fields Of Triumph 
11.Teutonic Steel 
12.Hellfire`s Dominion 
14.Necropolis Karthago 
15.Metalized Blood 
Invaders Of Wrath(Split With Ironfist) (2005)
 1.Ironfist - Intro-Fistial Wrath 
2.Ironfist - Tyrannikal Adversaries 
3.Ironfist - The Mad Arab/Cthulu (Mercyful Fate cover) 
4.Ironfist - Serpent Godess Sexxxekution 
5.Ironfist - Tormentor (W.A.S.P. cover) 
6.Ironfist - Masstormention-Shocking Asian Massakre 
7.Ironfist - Dragonlord Arise 
8.Ironfist - Black Magic (Slayer cover) 
9.Desaster - Intro-Profanation 
10.Desaster - Sacrilege 
11.Desaster - Divine Blasphemies 
12.Desaster - Devil`s Sword 
13.Desaster - Nighthawk 
14.Desaster - Teutonic Steel 
15.Desaster - Symphony Of Vengeance 
16.Desaster - Fields Of Triumph 
17.Desaster - Nekropolis Karthago 
18.Desaster - Metalized Blood 
Sabbatical Desasterminator(Split With Sabbat) (2005)
Desaster - Sabbatical Desasterminator(Split With Sabbat)1.Desaster - Divine Blasphemies 
2.Desaster - The Swords Will Never Sink 
3.Desaster - Profanation 
4.Desaster - Expect No Release 
5.Desaster - Devil`s Sword 
6.Desaster - Teutonic Steel 
7.Sabbat - Black Fire 
8.Sabbat - Mc 
9.Sabbat - The Answer Is Hell 
10.Sabbat - Mc 
11.Sabbat - Registry Of The Dark Side 
12.Sabbat - Mc 
13.Sabbat - Demonic Serenade-Brother of Demons 
14.Sabbat - Mc 
15.Sabbat - Hellfire 
16.Sabbat - Audience 
17.Sabbat - Snow Woman 
18.Sabbat - Audience 
Angelwhore (2005)
Desaster - Angelwhore1.The Arrival (Intro) 
2.The Blessed Pestilence 
4.Conqueror`s Supremacy 
5.Ghouls To Strike 
6.Nihilistic Overture 
8.Downfall Be Thy Blade 
9.Revelation Genocide 
10.Mourning Path (Outro) 
Infernal Voices(Single) (2006)
Desaster - Infernal Voices(Single)1.Infernal Voices 
2.Fields Of Triumph 
3.Before The Creation Of Time (Unleashed cover) 
666-Satan's Soldiers Syndicate (2007)
Desaster - 666-Satan1.Intro 
2.Satan`s Soldiers Syndicate 
3.Angel Extermination 
4.Razor Ritual 
6.Fate Forever Flesh 
7.Vile We Dwell 
9.Venomous Stench 
10.More Corpses For The Grave 
Anniversarius(Split With Sabbat) (2009)
Desaster - Anniversarius(Split With Sabbat)1.Sabbat - Porter Of Hellgate (Desaster cover) 
2.Desaster - Darkness And Evil (Sabbat cover) 
Zombie Ritual/Devil's Sword (2010)
Desaster - Zombie Ritual/Devil1.Zombie Ritual (Death cover) 
2.Devil`s Sword 
The Arts Of Destruction (2012)
Desaster - The Arts Of Destruction1.Intro 
2.The Art Of Destruction 
3.Lacerate(With Rays Of Doom) 
4.The Splendour Of The Idols 
5.Phantom Funeral 
6.Queens Of Sodomy 
7.At Hell`s Horizons 
8.Troops Of Heathens,Graves Of Saints 
9.Possessed And Defiled 
10.Beyond Your Grace 

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