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Holy Moses ének : Sabina Classen
gitár : Michael Hankel
basszusgitár : Oliver Jaath
dob : Atomic Steiff

Albumok :

Black Metal Masters (demo) (1980)
 1.Riff Raff 
2.Dock Jykill 
3.My Ears are Bleeding 
4.Another Night/Another Girl 
5.Power of Gooze 
Holy Moses (demo) (1981)
 1.The Hate I Feel 
2.Sweet Night 
3.What Song is Left to Sing 
5.No Issue 
6.Nights in the City 
8.That`s Love 
9.Me and the Worms 
11.Afterwords and in Between 
12.Need a Girl ? 
13.Offer to "A" 
Satan's Angel (demo) (1982)
 1.My Brain 
2.I`m Not a Bitch 
3.Nights in the City 
4.Never Give Up 
5.Smokin` and Drinkin` 
6.Satan`s Angel 
Call of the Demon (demo) (1983)
 1.Call of the Demon 
2.Bloody Adventures 
3.Born out of Hell 
4.Heavy Metal 
Heavy Metal (demo) (1983)
 1.Wisdom of World 
2.Death Bells 
4.Queen of Siam 
5.Torches for Hire 
6.Don`t Mess Around With the Bitch 
Death Bells (demo) (1984)
 1.Death Bells 
2.Dear Little Friends 
4.Call of the Demon 
5.Ace of Spades 
6.Wisdom of World 
Walpurgisnight (demo) (1985)
3.Bursting Rest 
4.Torches For Hire 
5.Queen Of Siam 
6.Death Bells 
7.Heavy Metal 
The Bitch (demo) (1986)
 1.Wisdom Of World 
3.Don`t Mess Around With The Bitch 
4.Torches For Hire (Instrumental) 
5.Queen Of Siam 
7.Bursting Rest 
Queen of Siam (1986)
Holy Moses - Queen of Siam1.Necropolis 
2.Don`t Mess Around with the Bitch 
3.Devil`s Dancer 
4.Queen of Siam 
7.Bursting Rest 
8.Dear Little Friend 
9.Torches of Hire 
Finished With the Dogs (1987)
Holy Moses - Finished With the Dogs 1.Finished With The Dogs 
2.Current Of Death 
3.Criminal Assault 
4.In The Slaughterhouse 
5.Fortress Of Desperation 
6.Six Fat Women 
7.Corroded Dreams 
8.Life`s Destroyer 
9.Rest In Pain 
10.Military Service 
The New Machine of Lichtenstein (1989)
Holy Moses - The New Machine of Lichtenstein1.Near Dark 
2.Def Con II 
4.Strange Deception 
5.Locky Popster 
6.SSP (Secret Service Project) 
7.State: Catatonic 
8.The Brood 
9.Lost In The Maze 
World Chaos (1990)
Holy Moses - World Chaos1.World Chaos 
2.Diabolic Plot 
3.Blood Sucker 
5.Guns`N Moses 
6.Too Drunk To Fuck 
7.Summer Kills 
8.Deutschland (Remeber The Past) 
9.Permission To Fire 
10.Jungle Of Lies 
11.Dog Eat Dog 
12.(You Gotta) Fight Your Right (To Party) 
Terminal Terror (1991)
Holy Moses - Terminal Terror 1.Intro 
2.Nothing for my Mum 
3.Two Sides Terror 
4.Theotocy (Terminal Terror) 
5.Creation of Violation 
6.The Pool of Blood 
7.Distress and Death 
8.Adult Machine 
9.Malicious Race 
10.Tradition of Fatality 
11.Def con II 
12.Nothing for my Mum 
13.The Pool of Blood 
Reborn Dogs (1992)
Holy Moses - Reborn Dogs1.Clash My Soul 
2.Decapitated Mind 
3.Welcome To The Real World 
4.Reborn Dogs 
5.Fuck You 
6.Third Birth 
8.Five Year Plan 
9.Process Of Pain 
11.Dancing With The Dead 
No Matter What's the Cause (1994)
Holy Moses - No Matter What1.Upon Your Tongue 
2.A Word To Say 
3.Step Ahead 
5.Just Because 
6.What`s Up 
7.Senseless One 
9.Hate Is Just A 4 Letter Word 
10.On You 
11.I Feel Sick 
12.No Solution 
Master of Disaster (2001)
Holy Moses - Master of Disaster1.Master Of Disaster 
2.Taste My Blood 
3.The Hand Of Death 
4.Feel The Pain 
5.Down On Your Knees 
Disorder of the Order (2002)
Holy Moses - Disorder of the Order1.Intro 
2.We Are At War 
3.Disorder Of The Order 
4.Break The Evil 
6.Hell On Earth 
7.I Bleed 
8.Blood Bond 
9.1000 Lies 
10.Princess Of Hell 
12.Heaven Vs. Hell 
Strength Power Will Passion (2005)
Holy Moses - Strength Power Will Passion1.Angel Cry 
2.End Of Time 
3.Symbol Of Spirit 
5.I Will 
6.Space Clearing 
7.Sacred Crystals 
8.Lost Inside 
9.Death Bells II 
11.Seasons In The Twilight 
12.Say Goodbye 
Agony Of Death (2008)
Holy Moses - Agony Of Death1.Imagination 
3.World In Darkness 
4.Bloodbound Of The Damned 
6.Angels In War 
8.Dissociative Disorder 
9.The Cave (Paramnesia) 
10.Delusional Denial 
11.The Retreat 
12.Through Shattered Minds / Agony Of Death (Outro) 

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