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Koffin Kats Ének, Nagybőgő : Vic Victor
Gitár : Johnny Kay
Dob : Eric “E Ball” Walls

Albumok :

Koffin Kats (2003)
Koffin Kats - Koffin Kats1.Mors Ex Supera 
2.Graveyard Tree 
3.Red Alert [donwnload video]
4.V8 Nightmare 
5.Koffin Kat Rock 
7.One Revived 
8.Needles & Blades 
Inhumane (2005)
Koffin Kats - Inhumane1.Mors Ex Infernus 
3.Darker Place 
4.Caught Up 
5.Chainsaw Massagre 
6.Vampires Curse 
7.Demon Demon 
8.She`s Deadly 
10.Die Cat Die 
11.Graveyard Tree II 
13.Perfect Suicide [donwnload video]
Straying From The Pack (2006)
Koffin Kats - Straying From The Pack1.March Of The Waynos 
3.Setting Her Free 
4.Mechanical Youth 
5.Graveyard Tree III 
6.Crack Rock 
7.Buzzkill Bitch 
8.For Hire 
Drunk In The Daylight (2008)
Koffin Kats - Drunk In The Daylight1.Storm Ahead 
2.If I Return 
3.Loud And Hard 
4.For Blood 
5.Drunk In The Daylight 
6.A Vampire`s 2084 
7.Battery Acid Baby [donwnload video]
8.Laws Of Sanity 
9.Above Me, Beyond You 
10.At The Bar 
11.Bad Apple 
12.The Experiment 
13.Blue Eyed Drug 
14.Theme For A Sinner 
16.Well Oiled Machines 
17.Our Faded Funeral 
Forever For Hire (2009)
Koffin Kats - Forever For Hire1.How It Starts 
3.Wild Ride 
4.Now More Than Ever 
5.Domination Final 
6.Graveyard Tree Zero 
7.Saw My Friend Explode Today 
9.Heading Off To Battle 
10.The Final Day 
11.Small Block & Flathead 
12.Her Name Was Rock And Roll 
13.Forever For Hire 
14.How It Ends 
Our Way & The Highway (2012)
Koffin Kats - Our Way & The Highway1.Riding High 
2.The Way Of The Road 
3.It Happens Every Night [donwnload video]
4.Severing Ties 
5.For The Good Times 
6.The Devil Asked 
7.Keep It Coming 
9.A Terrible Way 
10.The Bottle Called 
11.Locket Of Sin 
12.Baby Don`t Love You 
14.Don`t Waste Your Time 
Born Of The Motor (2013)
Koffin Kats - Born Of The Motor1.All Of Me Is Gone 
2.Under A Blue Sky 
3.Giving Blood 
4.Born Of The Motor 
5.Devil Tales 
6.The Collector 
7.This Heart (Stays On Ice) 
8.Twist Apart 
9.The Team 
10.Goodbye Blues 
11.It`s Real 
12.Gone To See The World 

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