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Pro-Pain gitár : (1994–1995) Nick St. Denis
dobok : (1992–1997) Dan Richardson
gitár : (1994–1995) Mike Hollman
gitár : (1996–1998) Rob Moschetti
dobok : (1994-1995) Daniel Wiener
gitár : (1999-2007) Eric Klinger
dobok : (1997–1998) Dave Chavarri
dobok : (1998) Mike Hanzel
dobok : (1999–2003) Eric Matthews
dobok : (2003–2004) Rich Ferjanic
dobok : (2004-2009) JC Dwyer
ének, basszusgitár : (1992–) Gary Meskil
ritmus gitár : (1992–1994, 1996–) Tom Klimchuck
ritmus gitár : (2007–) Marshall Stephens
dobok : (2009–) Rick Halverson

2019-11-29 Budapest - Dürer - A Hammer Concerts bemutatja: PRO-PAIN Fellépők: Ølten, Darkrise, Pro-pain Be: 5999Ft. Kezdés: 19:00 Flyer

New York-i hardcore/groove metal zenekar 1991-tõl.
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Aggressive, meticulous, passionate, righteous - all distinguishing traits that have come to symbolize the fundamentals of metal/hardcore pioneers PRO-PAIN. Since their crushing 1992 NAIRD nominated debut album "Foul Taste Of Freedom", PRO-PAIN have become a staple in the diets of heavy music listeners around the globe. Their successful and enviable career has perpetually prospered throughout its course, and yet they still manage to find room to improve, and more importantly, impress.

Their latest CD entitled "Absolute Power" is a true "Crossover" album in every sense of the word. Band vocalist / bassist Gary Meskil explains: "I began my musical career in 1982 as founding member and bass player for a pioneering New York "Crossover" band called Crumbsuckers. I knew back then that we were on to something important, as fans of our music included the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Joe Satriani, Anthrax, Pantera, etc... Upon founding Pro-Pain in 1991, it was important for me as an artist to further enhance and expand the "Crossover" style, and we have continued that pledge by incorporating more and more unique and tastefully applied influences throughout the course of the past 19 years and 13 Pro-Pain studio albums. I think that we succeeded in spades on "Absolute Power" by creating a true "Crossover" album in 2010 in the modern day sense, not the retro sense".
Absolute Power was recorded at Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden, Switzerland and was produced, engineered, and mixed by V.O. Pulver (GURD).
Pro-Pain lead guitarist Tom Klimchuck adds: "Considering that we have been self producing our own albums since 1996, it was a "breathe of fresh air" to be able to escape our element and to work with an outside producer again for the sake of doing something different. From the songwriting / arranging to the production to the performances, everyone involved did a great job and we are very proud to be able to deliver to the fans what we believe is a very unique, energetic, and diverse Pro-Pain album which encapsulates our artistic strong points in extremes ".
Songs like Unrestrained, Destroy The Enemy, and Stand My Ground (feat. Schmier from Destruction) bear all of the unmistakable Pro-Pain hardcore / metal trademarks, while Hell On Earth and Hate Coalition break new ground for the band by using newer influences, some of which were introduced to the band by new drummer Ricky Halverson (ex- Narcotic Self, Cellador, Stephen Pearcy's RATT). Gone Rogue is an obvious single, complete with infectious chorus and guest background vocals by Gianni Pontillo (Pure, Inc.) and Inga Pulver (Pulver) Absolute Power has broad appeal and potential, and has the absolute power to not only satisfy the bands die-hard fan base, but to attract new listeners and fans to their extensive catalog and energetic live performances.
Formed by vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil (ex-Crumbsuckers), New York-based PRO-PAIN have over the years benefited from substantial support from an ever-growing and loyal fan base, the Metal Press, Hard Rock Radio, and MTV's Headbanger's Ball. With long term guitarist Tom Klimchuck and newer members Marshall Stephens (Rhythm Guitar) and Drummer Ricky Halverson, the band's worldwide catalog sales approaches one million units. Advance plans have the band set to tour the US and Europe extensively in support of "Absolute Power".

Albumok :

Foul Taste Of Freedom (1992)
Pro-Pain - Foul Taste Of Freedom1.Foul Taste Of Freedom 
2.Death On The Dance Floor 
3.Murder 101 
4.Pound For Pound 
5.Every Good Boy Does Fine 
6.Death Goes On 
8.The Stench Of Piss 
9.Picture This 
11.Johnny Black 
12.Lesson Learned 
13.God Only Knows 
14.Bonustracks (Re-Release 2005) : 14. Take It Back 
15.Bonustracks (Re-Release 2005) : 15. Pound For Pound 
The Truth Hurts (1994)
Pro-Pain - The Truth Hurts1.Make War (Not Love) 
2.Bad Blood 
3.The Truth Hurts 
4.Put the Lights Out 
6.Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 
7.One Man Army 
8.Down in the Dumps 
9.The Beast Is Back 
10.Switchblade Knife 
11.Bonustracks (Re-Release 2005) : 11. Bad Blood (Live) 
Contents Under Pressure (1996)
Pro-Pain - Contents Under Pressure1.Crush 
3.State Of Mind 
4.Gunya Down 
5.The Mercy Killings 
6.Contents Under Pressure 
7.Against The Grain 
8.Box City 
9.Odd Man Out 
10.Political Suicide 
Pro-Pain (1998)
Pro-Pain - Pro-Pain1.Get Real 
3.No Love Lost 
4.Don`t Kill Yourself To Love 
5.Love / H8 
6.Life`s Hard 
7.Mark My Words 
8.My Time Will Come 
9.Smokin Gun 
11.Blood Red 
Act of God (1999)
Pro-Pain - Act of God1.Stand Tall 
2.In For The Kill 
3.Act of God 
4.On Parade 
5.I Remain 
6.Time Will Tell 
8.Love and War 
9.Hopeless ? 
11.All Fall Down 
12.Bonustracks : 12. F.S.U. (Fuck Shit Up) 
Round Six (2000)
Pro-Pain - Round Six1.Fed Up 
4.All Or None 
5.Status Quo 
6.Fuck It 
8.Take It Personal 
9.Make Some Noise 
10.Let Live 
11.Thou Shall Not 
12.Draw Blood 
13.Down In Flames 
Shreds Of Dignity (2002)
Pro-Pain - Shreds Of Dignity1.The Shape of Things to Come 
2.Gone Fishin` 
3.Down for the Cause 
4.No Way Out 
5.Shreds of Dignity 
6.Walk Away 
8.Lock n` Load 
9.Casualties of War 
11.Justice Must Be Done 
12.Kill or Be Killed 
Run for Cover (2003)
Pro-Pain - Run for Cover1.Never Again (Discharge) 2.28 
2.Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost) 4.34 
3.The Crowd (Operation Ivy) 2.17 
4.Refuse - Resist (Sepultura) 3.08 
5.Iron Fist (Motorhead) 2.45 
6.6. 100% (The Spudmonsters) 1.57 
7.Terpentin (Böhse Onkelz) 3.43 
8.Nothing (Negative Approach) 1.50 
9.Weeds (Life of Agony) 4.10 
10.Just Sit There (Crumbsuckers) 1.06 
11.Damaged II (Black Flag) 3.16 
12.Your Mistake (Agnostic Front) 1.30 
13.Knife Edge (GBH) 2.09 
14.South of Heaven (Slayer) 5.01 
Fistful of Hate (2004)
Pro-Pain - Fistful of Hate1.Can You Feel It? 
2.Left for Dead 
5.American Dreams 
6.Cut Throat 
8.Save Face 
9.The Better Half of Forever 
10.Freedom Rings 
11.Lost Horizons 
12.Fistful of Hate 
Prophets of Doom (2005)
Pro-Pain - Prophets of Doom1.Neocon 
3.Hates Marches 
4.One World Ain`t Enough 
5.Getting Over 
6.Operation Blood For Oil 
8.Death Toll Rises 
9.The Prisoner 
10.Days Of Shame 
Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade (2007)
Pro-Pain - Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade1.The New Reality 
2.All for King George 
3.Pigs In Clover 
4.Beyond the Pale 
5.Three Minutes Hate 
6.Heads Will Roll 
7.Company Jerk 
8.Impeach, Indict, Imprison 
11.Live Free (Or Die Trying) 
No End In Sight (2008)
Pro-Pain - No End In Sight1.Let the Blood Run Through The Streets 
3.Hour of the Time 
4.To Never Return 
5.Where We Stand 
6.Phoenix Rising 
7.Go It Alone 
8.All Rise 
9.God`s Will 
10.The Fight Goes On 
11.Where We Stand (Ream Mix) 
Absolute Power (2010)
Pro-Pain - Absolute Power1.Unrestrained 
2.Destroy The Enemy 
3.Stand My Ground (feat. Schmier of Destruction) 
4.Road To Nowhere 
6.Hell On Earth 
7.Divided We Stand 
8.Gone Rogue (I Apologize) 
9.Rise Of The Antichrist 
10.Hate Coalition 

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