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S.O.D. ének : Billy Milano (M.O.D.)
gitár : Scott Ian (ANTHRAX)
dob : Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX)
1985-ben alakult humorbandaként induló New York Hardcore project,amely egy vadonatúj hangzással és kellõ brutalitással átitatott zenéjével megelõzte saját korát és ezzel underground szinten gyors sikereket ért el.

Albumok :

Crab Society North demo (1985)
S.O.D. - Crab Society North demo1.Jim Gordon 
2.Your Kung Fu Stinks 
4.You N... 
5.House of My Head 
8.Steve Wright Rules 
9.Hammer Before Knife 
10.You Bastard 
11.I`ve Been in a Cave For... 
13.Lou Kamada`s 
14.The Leopard Killer 
15.The Bat Lived 
16.By the Way 
18.Let Me Say One Thing 
19.This Doesn`t Leave the Room 
20.Not to Talk About Anthrax But... 
21.Shit`s Suck 
22.I`m Incredible 
23.Diamonds and Rust 
24.Hey John 
25.Laughing, Happy, Happy, Joy as Glad, Decapitation 
26.Don`t Do Anything Foolish 
27.We Are the Sock 
28.MDC Hang Out in Gay Bars 
30.Listen Lady 
32.Papa Benjamen 
34.2 & 1 
41.Tom Brown 
42.Loud Bell 
43.Bubble Butt 
44.Danny Spitz Will Fuck Anything 
45.Jogging with Fall 
46.Tony Two 
47.The Camel Boy 
48.July 1st 
49.Flouride and the Captivity Creeps 
50.The Poisonous Midget 
52.Lardas Hogan 
55.Mely Cow 
57.Cowfucking Renee 
58.Rooster Fucker 
59.Neck to Neck 
60.The Drunk Guy 
61.Happy Tooth Paste Bug 
Speak English or Die (1985)
S.O.D. - Speak English or Die1.March of the S.O.D. 
2.Sargent `D` & The S.O.D. 
3.Kill Yourself 
4.Milano Mosh 
5.Speak English or Die 
6.United Forces 
7.Chromatic Death 
8.Pi Alpha Nu 
9.Anti-Procrastination Song 
10.What`s That Noise 
11.Freddy Krueger 
13.Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues 
14.Pussy Whipped 
15.Fist Banging Mania 
16.No Turning Back 
17.Fuck the Middle East 
18.Douche Crew 
19.Hey Gordy! 
20.Ballad of Jimi Hendrix 
21.Diamonds and Rust (extended version) 
Rehearsal demo (1985)
 1.Fuck The Middle East 
3.Speak English Or Die 
4.United Forces 
5.Ram It Up 
7.Fist Banging Mania 
8.Milano Mosh 
9.Vitality [2x] 
10.Diamonds And Rust 
11.Chromatic Death 
12.The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix 
13.Freddie Krueger 
15.No Turning Back 
16.Kill Yourself 
Live At Budokan VHS/DVD/album (1992)
S.O.D. - Live At Budokan VHS/DVD/album1.March of the S.O.D. 
2.Sargent `D` & The S.O.D. 
3.Kill Yourself 
5.Pi Alpha Nu 
6.Milano Mosh 
7.Speak English or Die 
8.Chromatic Death 
9.Fist Banging Mania 
10.The Camel boy 
11.No Turning Back 
14.Fuck the Middle East 
15.Douche Crew 
16.Get A Real Job (M.O.D. cover) 
17.Ballad of Jimi Hendrix 
18.Livin` In The City (Fear cover) 
19.Pussy Whipped 
20.Stigmata (Ministry cover) 
21.Thieves (Ministry cover) 
22.Freddy Krueger 
23.Territorial Pissings (Nirvana cover) 
24.United Forces 
Bigger Than The Devil (1999)
S.O.D. - Bigger Than The Devil1.Bigger Than the Devil 
2.The Crackhead Song 
3.Kill the Assholes 
4.Monkeys Rule 
5.Skool Bus 
6.King at the King / Evil Is In 
7.Black War 
8.Celtic Frosted Flakes 
9.Charlie Don`t Cheat 
10.The Song That Don`t Go Fast 
12.Dog on the Tracks 
14.Make Room, Make Room 
15.Free Dirty Needles 
17.Noise That`s What 
18.We All Bleed Red 
19.Frankenstein and His Horse 
20.Every Tiny Molecule 
21.Aren`t You Hungry? 
23.Ballad of Michael H. 
24.Ballad of Phil H. 
25.Moment of Truth 
Seasoning the Obese single (2000)
S.O.D. - Seasoning the Obese    single1.Seasoning the Obese 
2.Raise Your Sword 
Kill Yourself - The Movie DVD (2001)
S.O.D. - Kill Yourself - The Movie DVD1.All the Classics 
Speak English or Die/Live DVD (2002)
S.O.D. - Speak English or Die/Live DVD1.All the Classics 
20 Years of Dysfunction DVD (2005)
S.O.D. - 20 Years of Dysfunction DVD1.All the Classics 
Rise of the Infidels-Best of (2007)
S.O.D. - Rise of the Infidels-Best of1.Stand Up and Fight 
2.Java Amigo 
3.United and Strong (Agnostic Front cover) 
4.Ready to Fight (Negative Approach cover) 
5.Ballad of Nirvana / March of the S.O.D. 
6.Sgt. D and the S.O.D. 
7.Kill Yourself 
8.Milano Mosh 
9.Speak English or Die 
10.Fuck the Middle East 
11.Douche Crew 
12.Ballad of Jimi Hendrix 
13.Ballad of Jim Morrison 
14.Ballad of INXS 
15.Ballad of Frank Sinatra 
16.Ballad of Nirvana 
17.Ballad of Freddy Mercury 
18.Cromatic Death 
19.Fist Banging Mania 
20.No Turning Back 
23.Freddy Krueger 
24.United Forces 
Live at the Fenix (2007)
S.O.D. - Live at the Fenix1.March of the S.O.D./Sgt D & the S.O.D. 
2.Kill Yourself 
3.Milano Mosh 
4.Speak English or Die 
5.Milano talks... 
6....and talks 
7.Make Room 
8.Fuck the Middle East/Douche Crew 
9.Celtic Frosted Flakes/Ballad of Jimi Hendrix (x2)/Ballad of Jim Morrison/Ballad of INXS/Ballad ofFrank Sinatra 
10.Ballad of Nirvana/Ballad of Freddie Mercury/Chromatic Death/Fist Banging Mania 
11.Skool Bus/No Turning Nack/Not/Momo/The Camel Boy/Diamonds and Rust/Anti-procratination Song 
12.Evil Is In/Charlie Don`t Cheat 
13.Introductions: Danny/Charlie/Scott 
14.Introduction: Billy/Aren`t You Hungry 
15.Pussy Whipped/Freddy Krueger 
16.Thanx/United Forces 

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Dávid Draiman
Dávid Draiman
2011.04.19. 16:19:01
Nagyon jó banda egy legenda, a D.R.I- jal együtt nagyot alkotott, a metalcore ős apja
"The rock is eternal! Till the tomorrow will come, the rock will be us forever!" Gackt C.

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