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Emmure Ének : Frankie Palmeri
Gitár : Jesse Ketive
Gitár : Ben Lionetti
Dobok : Joe Lionetti
Basszus : Mark Davis

Albumok :

Demo (2004)
 1.If God Only Knew 
2.Mr. Know It All But No One`s Asking Me the Right Questions 
3.Green Is the Worst Color Ever 
Demo (2005)
 1.22 Exits Away 
2.I Should Have Called Mrs. Cleo 
3.Johnny Carson Didn`t Have to Die 
The Complete Guide To Needlework (2006)
Emmure - The Complete Guide To Needlework1.Second Hand Smoke 
2.Johnny Carson Didn`t Have to Die 
3.Looking A Gift Horse In the Mouth 
4.I Should Have Called Ms. Cleo 
5.22 Exits Away 
6.A Fist Fight With Dick Tracy 
Goodbye To The Gallows (2007)
Emmure - Goodbye To The Gallows1.A Ticket For the Paralyzer 
2.10 Signs You Should Leave 
3.When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong 
4.Rusted Over Wet Dreams 
5.You Got A Henna Tattoo That Said Forever 
6.Travis Bickle 
7.Sleeping Princess In Devil`s Castle 
8.The Way to Keep the Show Fresh Is... I`m Dead 
9.It`s Not Just A Party, It`s A Funeral 
10.When Everything Goes Wrong, Take the Easy Way Out 
The Respect Issue (2008)
Emmure - The Respect Issue1.Young, Rich, and Out of Control 
2.Sounds Wave Superior 
3.I Only Mean Half of What I Don`t Say 
4.False Love In Real Life 
5.Chicago`s Finest 
6.Tales From The Burg 
7.Rough Justice 
8.Snuff 2 - The Ressurection 
9.Dry Ice 
10.You`re More Like Friend Without The `R` 

Kedvencek közé jelölték :
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