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Abney Park (Vocals, Darbuka, Diatonic button accordion, harmonica, bouzouki, bağlama, ukulele) : Robert Brown " Captain Robert,,
(Guitar, Banjolele) : Josh Goering
(keyboards, Piano) : Kristina Erickson
(violin) : Titus Munteanu
(Bass, Acoustic guitar) : Daniel Cederman
(Vocals) : Jody Ellen
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Albumok :

Abney Park (1998)
 1."The Root Of All Evil" - 4:07 
From Dreams or Angels (2001)
Abney Park - From Dreams or Angels1."Tiny Monster" - 2:58 
2."Holy War" - 4:24 
3."Kine" - 4:30 
4."Breathe" - 3:52 
5."Hush" - 3:14 
6."Thorns & Brambles" - 3:42 
7."Child King" - 5:02 
8."The Box" - 2:59 
9."Twisted & Broken" - 3:58 
10."Breathe (acoustic)" - 3:42 
Taxidermy (2005)
Abney Park - Taxidermy1."The Wake (2005 Mix)" 
2."New Black Day" 
3."The Change Cage (2005 Mix)" 
4."White Wedding" (Billy Idol cover) 
5."The Root Of All Evil - Live" 
6."The Shadow Of Life - Live" 
7."The Only One - Live" 
8."Creep" (Radiohead cover) 
9."Dead Silence (2005 Mix)" 
10."The Wake (Dream Mix)" 
The Death of Tragedy (2005)
Abney Park - The Death of Tragedy1."Stigmata Martyr" 
2."The Wrong Side" 
3."Dear Ophelia" 
4."Witch Cult" 
6."All The Myths Are True" 
7."Death Of The Hero" 
10."False Prophecy" 
Lost Horizons (2008)
Abney Park - Lost Horizons 1."Airship Pirate" 
2."The Emperor’s Wives" 
3."Sleep Isabella" 
5."The Secret Life of Doctor Calgori" 
6."This Dark and Twisty Road" 
7."The Secret Life of Doctor Calgori" 
8."Herr Drosselmeyer`s Doll" 
10."I Am Stretched on Your Grave" 
11."Post-Apocalypse Punk" 
12."The Ballad of Captain Robert" (hidden track) 
Æther_Shanties (2009)
Abney Park - Æther_Shanties 1."Under the Radar" 
2."Building Steam" 
3."Until the Day You Die" 
4."My Life" 
6."Throw Them Overboard" 
7."The Derelict" 
9."Æther Shanty" 
10."The Clock Yard" 
11."Too Far To Turn Back" 
The Circus At The End Of The World (2013)
Abney Park - The Circus At The End Of The World 1.The Circus At the End of the World 
2.Blowing Off Steam 
3.The Anthropophagists` Club 
4.Follow Me If You Want to Live 
5.Not Silent 
6.Life`s the Thing 
7.Buy the Captain Rum 
8.Rise Up [Explicit] 
10.Dominion of Dust 
12.In Time 
13.Rosie & Max 
Nomad (2014)
Abney Park - Nomad1.Tribal Nomad 
2.Born at the Wrong Time 
3.Whole Life Crises 
4.Two Elixirs 
5.On The Fringe 
6.Pity The Free Man 
7.Escape The Ground 
8.Stranger Then Anything You Could Have Possibly Imagined (The Casbah Intro) 
9.The Casbah 
10.Night train From Saint Petersburg 
11.I`m Glad I Lost You 
13.Give`em What For 
14.Clockwork Heart 
Wasteland (2015)
Abney Park - Wasteland1.The Clone Factories 
2.Wasteland Warrior 
3.Out Of Darkness 
4.Witch Hunt 
6.Fell To My Knees 
7.Hired Gun 
8.The Prayer 
9.Away From The Things Of Man 

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