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Gutted Vocals : Hajnali Sándor
Guitars/Vocals : Drótos Gábor
Ex-Drums : Kovács Zsolt
Ex-Guitars : Hujber Krisztián
Ex-Bass : Selmeczi "Söme" András
Ex-Drums : Garcia Dávid
Ex-Guitars : Horváth András

2017-08-19 Debrecen - Kaptár klub - IX. Full Of Anger Underground Metal Fesztivál Fellépők: Angerseed, Athame, Effrontery, Gutted, KrampÜs, Moon Of Soul, Nest Of Plagues Be: 1500Ft. Kezdés: 17:30 Flyer

Albumok :

Genocide - Grinding (1996)
 1.Open Your Veins 
2.Underground Orgy 
3.Nutritious Way Of Life 
4.Symbiosis With A Disease 
Genocide - Vilification (1998)
Gutted -  Genocide - Vilification 1.Intro + Strange Graveyard scene 
2.Total Lack of Parental Care 
3.Meaningless Vagina Widening 
4.Human Shit - Collapse of Individual Hygiene 
Gutted - Promo 2000 (2000)
Gutted -  Gutted - Promo 20001.She's Dead for 6 Months... But I Love Her 
2.Chisel in the Head of a Human Female 
3.Slowly Bleeding Sexual Emotions 
4.Indeterminably Depraved Soul 
Gutted - Defiled (2001)
Gutted -  Gutted - Defiled 1.Orgasm Trough Her Entrails 
2.Total Lack of Parental Care 
3.Purify By Suicide 
4.Chisel in the Head of a Human Female 
5.Indeterminably Depraved Soul 
6.She's Dead for Six Months... But I Love Her 
8.A Man Drawn Around Me 
9.Slowly Bleeding Sexual Emotions 
10.The Excriment Has Taken His Life 
Gutted - Human race deserves to die (2005)
Gutted - Gutted - Human race deserves to die 1.Dreadful Stories From the Past 
2.An Unknown Killer Amongst the Homeless Ones 
3.Unmoral Behaving With a Headless Child 
4....The Dark Comes Out... 
5.Manifestation of Concealed Hate 
6.A Momentary Evaporating Vision 
7.9 Men, A Woman And the Poor Little Boy 
8.Demonstrate the Insensibility 
9.Defilement of a Married Life 
Mankind Carries The Seeds Of Hell (2010)
Gutted - Mankind Carries The Seeds Of Hell1.As The Sun Paints Everything Black 
2.Memory Devourer 
3.Lurking In The Shadow 
4.When The Gods Are Not Creating 
5.World Of Mine 
6.Souls Of The Raped Children 
7.Take Them to Hell`s Fire 
8.The Fountain 
Path Of A New Era (EP) (2013)
Gutted - Path Of A New Era (EP)1.Intro (Chaos Of Beginning) 
2.Cosmos Of Humans 
3.Fades Away 

Kedvencek közé jelölték :
GABO, sömeRemorse, Inhumanus, Nammtar, Wardust, Morph, HungAryan Metal Terrorist, DarkAvenger, Mortician, Pityke Őrmester, Wiwczarek, MeTaLcIcC, Jozey19203, Kryswyl, Hypothermia, Abominable Butcher, Katica23, Triumph of Death, Graaaaaaaaaa, Massacrschmitt, 666DEATH METAL666, Cemetery Gate, LORD WINTER, PAGANLORD, Koooovacs, Paxton Vettel, varvila, Lor, Nitroglicerin, bterv666, juszuf, Hammer8B, Zerath, scafi, Czax, csiki06, Sztr, dzsud, Ser-meggyecske, Sátán666999, Dance of the Plague, wiglafSS, deathbreath, core-okozó, Jalos, somes, Inhumanity, Zaki, néha, Emperor Waltz, Monstrous Goat, Fall of the damned

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